How to Address an Aging Smile — a Non-Surgical Facelift

Like your skin, your smile also can show its age. Of course you notice things such as discoloration, but you probably don’t realize your teeth also experience a great deal of wear as the years go by. Although it seems incredible, this shortening of your teeth can change the proportions and overall shape of your face. A non-surgical facelift involves various cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry procedures that turn back the clock and return your smile to its former beauty.

Why is a non-surgical facelift needed?

  • When you were young, your facial proportions developed around the structure provided by your bones and teeth. As your teeth have worn down and become shorter, your face becomes shorter and rounder, less of an oval.
  • Facial issues tied to shortened teeth:
  • Your lips become thinner and more wrinkled.
  • A deep crease develops between your chin and lower lip.
  • Your lower face becomes compressed.
  • Jowls form due to excess fat and sagging skin on the jawline.
  • All of this gives you an older appearance, as if your entire lower face is sagging.

What is involved in a non-surgical facelift

During your initial consultation with one of our dentists at StarImage Dentistry, a thorough evaluation of your teeth, smile, and facial profile will be done in order to develop a plan that may include one or more cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures to give you a younger appearance and a beautiful smile. A non-surgical facelift is different for every patient. Every plan is customized based on several aspects, including the shape and angulation of the patient’s teeth and bite opening.

What are the benefits of a non-surgical facelift?

A non-surgical facelift addresses the most visible signs of aging and provides the benefits of a surgical facelift without surgery. It is an easy procedure that has both health and cosmetic benefits. Your entire bite can be rebuilt and the jaw repositioned without grinding down any healthy teeth. Depending on the procedure, the natural enamel of your teeth may be saved. 

What can I expect from the results of a non-surgical facelift?

A non-surgical facelift can lengthen your face and smooth out wrinkles. It also minimizes fine lines on the face, and your lips can become more full again. Its results appear more natural than the traditional surgical facelift because they address the underlying support structure, not only the skin. The teeth and bite again start to support the cheeks, making you look younger. The jaw can also be repositioned to create better facial balance.

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