• Enjoy Healthy Living

    Being proactive about your dental health is always the way to go but we watch the bigger picture. Identify small problems before they become bigger and monitor for changes before they become potential complex problems.

  • Rejuvenate Your Smile

    Over time, everything wears out. Your car, your jeans, and even your smile. But don't worry we can turn back the hands of time...

  • Live Without Pain

    Delivering proven solutions for head, neck and facial pain caused by TMJ. With new techniques, we have been able to help many that have been previously unable to find relief.

  • Transform Your Life

    Sleep Apnea is the result of partially blocked airways in the nose and mouth. If you are not getting the restful sleep your body needs, then your body doesn't have the health that it should.

  • Laugh with Confidence

    With dental implant restorations, people are rediscovering the comfort and confidence to eat, speak, laugh and enjoy life.

Is It TMJ or Acromegaly Causing Your Jaw Pain?

A challenge in diagnosing and treating TMJ is that it has a lot of overlap with many other conditions. This can lead people to...